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    I'm Galina the Russian Teacher



    Just you and me, your native Russian teacher. You learn online at your own pace and convenience.
    I'm a native Russian living in the UK and I would love to teach you my mother tongue by Skype. Lessons from £16.95.

  • How the Private Russian Lessons Work

    It's is 1-to-1 you and me only, you have my total attention and focus. Video based lessons on Skype.

    Video Lessons By Skype

    We meet at an online classroom based on a Skype video call. So you learn from your own home. Through this we can use tools such as screen sharing which provide you with the same expearience and tools as a traditional face-to-face classroom.

    At a Pace to Suit You

    I work out a teaching plan to meet your goals at a pace that suits you. Whether you are a beginner, working towards an exam, or planning a holiday or business trip to Russia I can help you. If Russian is new for you, I know the steps to teach you the Russian alphabet, your first words and your first verbs. If you are an intermediate and advanced learner I help you achieve the level of Russian you desire.

    When Are The Lessons?

    We work together when it suits you. My pricing below is based on weekdays and normal working hours within the UK time zone. Should you want weekends or evenings I can arrange that too for a small surcharge which we will discuss in your free trial lesson.

  • What my clients say about me

    Read views from my current Skype Russian Lesson clients

    Anastasia Studd

    Mother of GCSE Student

    Galina has been helping my son to prepare for his GCSE in Russian and they have been making a great progress. She also tutors my 10 year daughter who is now much more confident in writing, reading and conversation. Galina's teaching approach is systematic and methodical. I would not hesitate to recommend Galina for any level.


    Polina Cleeve

    Happy Client

    I met Galina Gager just over two years ago. She is a lovely lady, very kind and helpful always. She likes England and knows the language well, always tries her best to get on with people around her. She also teaches after my kids from time to time and she is brilliant. My two boys like her very much. I think she is great with kids and any school would benefit having her.

    Jake Jenkins

    "Well Planned Lessons"

    Galina has been teaching me Russian for coming up to a year and she has been fantastic. Her lessons are well planned and she has a lot of learning material to help you progress through the difficult early stages. She is very understanding of the fact that my work doesn't always allow me the time for my lessons and has always offered alternative times for me when available. Galina is great to work with and always makes learning and enjoyable experience. I'm delighted with the progress I've made so far and I hope to continue having lessons for the foreseeable future!

    Geoffrey Scott

    "Russian taught as it should be!"

    I teach English as a foreign language and have studied several others, so I know that Galina is an excellent teacher. I started my lessons with her as a complete beginner, and extremely pleased with the professional standard of instruction and with my progress. Galina has guided me through the basics, starting with pronunciation, vocabulary, writing, and simple conversations. Each lesson is tailored to my needs and ability, has good pace and variety. An hour passes very quickly and each language point is taught thoroughly. If it becomes clear that I am weak on a particular point covered in a previous lesson, this is speedily revised and confirmed before moving on. At no point in 40+ lessons have I felt that I was struggling.

    All course materials are provided online, and Galina will advise you if you want to invest in a good dictionary or any other Russian book.

    Good teachers like Galina are difficult to find, and I doubt if there are many better ones. I am happy to recommend Galina to any student, and am certain that they will be completely satisfied with the service provided.

  • Pricing

    I only offer private (1-on-1) Russian classes on Skype. All learning materials will be customised to suit your language-learning goals and needs.

    Trial Lesson - FREE

    • 30-minute trial lesson
    • Conducted on Skype
    • Together we explore your aims
    • If we get on well we plan the next steps

    £16.95 Per Hour - Private Lesson

    • 50 minute rate for the purchase of 5 lessons
    • We spend 50 minutes working 1-to-1
    • Customised material included
    • Daytime weekday slots

    £15.95 Per Hour - Private Lesson

    • 50 minute rate for the purchase of 10 lessons
    • We spend 50 minutes working 1-to-1
    • Customised material included
    • Daytime weekday slots

    £14.95 Per Hour - Private Lesson

    • 50 minute rate for the purchase of 20 lessons
    • We spend 50 minutes working 1-to-1
    • Customised material included
    • Daytime weekday slots
  • About Galina

    I was born in Russia and have lived in the UK for the past four years.
    I enjoy teaching Russian by Skype and have many happy students.

    Freelance Russian Teacher

    UK Based Teacher 2013-Current

    Teacher of many students online and in person in Russian and English.

    Ussurisk State Pedagogical Institute - Russia

    Teaching ( English) 1980-1986

    PHD Equivalent Qualification

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